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MainBoard, LLC is the origin of a small town guy that opened a computer repair business serving Southwest Virginia small business owners and performing contract services installing Point of Sale systems, telephone systems and circuit demarcation extensions, inside wiring.  MainBoard expanded to offering all forms of telecommunications from TDM to today's fiber optics and in the hard to reach terrain with Satellite.  

MainBoard Voice and Data Circuits works with industry executives, subject matter experts and strategic partners to build the best solution possible for your needs.  Put our experience to work for you today.

I have been in the Information Technology for the majority of my work career, provided small, medium business and large business single services implementations to managed services as well as forming business process outsourcing direction. I have 20+ years experience with telecom consulting offering full life cycle project management, sales, installation, implementation to disconnect process and contract management. 

My strengths reside in business planning, running market analysis and assessing a plan, SWOT Plan and Strategic Planning. Business operations come as a proxy to any planning as does process improvement from working in the trenches. 

I work with businesses in the following: 

Information Security
Security Plans for Business - Your Data is valuable
Technology Modernization
Managed Services - Take care of it regularly instead of TRYING to resuscitate it
Telecommunications - Does your Phone work for you or hurt you?
Telecom Partners - Recruiter, Trainer - Add Telecom to your sales mix for significant revenue streams.

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