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Telecommunications Simplified

Save up to 80% on your business phone system with a 

new hosted platform or a premise based SIP system.



Voice and Data Circuits is more than a circuit depot.  We offer an unbiased quote from all of our carriers.  We start with what you need and want to achieve and build from there so basically, we are your outsourced COO or CTO, whichever you would put to the task.  

How we're different is in our experience. With over 20 years experience as a business owner, Joseph has worked with business owners to find the right infrastructure connectivity, features and SECURITY for all types of business from small retail stores, ISPs, Cable Companies, CLECs and large call centers. The difference is in customer service, being available to you after the sale, supporting your needs after the deal is done. 

We thrive on improvement whether it is reducing costs or making the process more efficient. Give us a try, simply contact us here or call (855)624-6262. 

Want to learn more about our services?  We publish tweets on Twitter and news on our Blog. Like us on Facebook as well.  Refer us to a business that is shopping for service and we'll reward you, quite handsomely for helping us reach new clientele.