Voice and Data Circuits is a marketing brand of MainBoard, LLC dba MainBoard Consulting.  We proudly serve clients in all 50 USA States and clients in several international countries.


Does your Voice travel over the Internet?  Protect it!  Does your provider utilize the latest in security process and procedures to protect your company’s proprietary, confidential information from companies and countries that would steal your trade secrets?  Don’t think you’re too small for this to happen.

Rules to Abide

Sadly most businesses come to VoIP for the savings and do not think about the consequences of best efforts.  Rules, policies and process are required for a business to have a professional appearance as well as efficient company operation.

Secure but Functional

Security does involve encumbrances that can appear to be a hindrance to business.  Proper planning, purpose development, mission planning, budgeting and  project management along with your IT Department involvement can make your migration to or from one system to another a success.

Ongoing Service & Consulting

You’re not alone after the sale, the consult or the check is finally written.  Whatever role we serve you in, we’re with you until you pull the plug to go somewhere else. If we due diligence the providers for you, we keep you up to date on them; if we procure a contract for you, we’re your point of contact, GUARANTEED!

We dig ditches… well, not literally but we will procure a backhoe if needed.

Most sales players want an easy job but that isn’t reality when your company needs service in fresh dirt.  We stick with you to see your mission in successful operations mode.  If you’re in a tough spot for connectivity, contact us below to setup a call; we will find you a solution.